We help businesses grow by finding and converting more customers online

No cookie cutter solutions.
No extensive SOPs that kill innovation.
No bullshit sales tactics that our competitors use.

The "Bad"...

It's a small team: We're just a team of 11 (plus Peggy), which means that the services we offer are specific and finite. We do and teach ads, and we make websites. That's it.

There are no receptionists or customer success: We don't do automated or perfectly worded responses & we might not give off the same "professional" vibes that our competitors do. Sometimes we tell the truth a bit too rough for some.

We aren't robots: We don't hold on tightly to the ideals that everyone learns in their first few years in the industry (*cough* SKAGs *cough*). And look, we'll admit that we don't always get it right the first time. We're also not going to send you a 10 page report full of every stat and acronym imaginable.

The "Good"...

It's a small team: We're a small team with a very specific and defined skillset. We do the things we're really good at and recognise when we don't deserve a finger in the pie

There are no receptionists or customer success reps: When you get a response from us, it's actually us responding. We don't have pre-written pitches and you won't get bounced between multiple team members before actually getting to talk to the right person.

We aren't robots: We put in the work to constantly up-skill. We're young & eager. We don't pretend to always get it right, but we also won't stop until we do. Plus, we'll speak to you how actual people speak... So you won't need an advertising degree to understand your advertising agency.

The Mission

Grow businesses with exciting paid and owned digital marketing solutions.

Our Values

(What we reference to make our decisions)

Be a Team Player

Consistency, Communication & Collaboration
‍(with our clients as well)

Run Right of Average

Always be rapidly learning and improving

Assume Accountability

Take responsibility for the outcome

The Team

Here's who will smash your KPIs

Employee of the Month

We may come across as a bunch of jokers, but we also still like to give recognition where due. Every month we like to pay tribute to the employee who shines bright in the office and deserves to be in the spotlight.


This month we recognise the Office Pocket Rocket, Peggy, for all her contributions to the team. Peggy is by far the hardest working member of Where U, who carries us with her constant enthusiasm, energy and eagerness to please. Not only does she light up any room she enters, but her most contributing factor is her ability to nap — a necessity after all the team heavy lifting!