Grow Your Business Independently

Acquire The Skills We Use For Our Clients

With U is a online and in-person education and advisory community where our team works directly with business owners to teach them the skills to grow their business online.

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The boardroom has a capacity of 10 people - So we want to make sure it's 10 people we can actually help significantly for the 2 days, or else it's gonna get really awkward.

6th & 7th of March
10AM - 4PM
9th & 10th March
10AM - 4PM
14th & 15th March
10AM - 4PM
30th & 31st March
10AM - 4PM

So What Do We Actually Teach?

We teach the three components you need to successfully get more customers online.

Ads that get clicks.
Campaigns that show them to the right people.
Websites that convert those clicks into customers.

How To Make Ads That Get Clicks

Work directly with our team to write ads for your existing offers


  • How to write copy that gets people clicking faster
  • A simple principle to force you to write good ads
  • Formats you can use when you're feeling uninspired
  • How to write hooks that stop people from scrolling


  • Workflows to make it easier to create content
  • Writing scripts without overthinking it
  • Brandon's secret video sales letter format
  • How to ethically steal from your competitors
  • Testimonial scripts so your customers can sell for you
  • Platform best practices

How To Build Campaigns That Show Them To The Right People

Build campaigns for your business with targeting insights from our Head of Strategy

Planning & Targeting

  • Picking Social Ads or Search Ads or Both
  • Keyword Research to get in front of your ready-to-buy buyers
  • Identifying the intent of different audiences and what to serve them
  • Budgeting so you know how much to spend
  • Stalking your customers on Facebook & Instagram until they buy
  • Popping up first above your competitors on Google

Building & Maintaining

  • Facebook & Instagram Ads (Meta)
    • How to know how much money an ad is making you
    • How to track iPhone users post iOS 14
    • How to structure your campaign for long term success
    • How to get customers - Not just visitors
  • Google Ads
    • Getting customers, not just clicks
    • Pushing your competitors out of the top search results
    • Structuring your campaigns for long term success
    • Looking at all the numbers and knowing what they mean for your business

How To Build Websites That Get Conversions

Get direct feedback on your website and how to get it converting more clicks into customers


  • How to make those ads that seemingly stalk you around the Internet
  • How to use Google Analytics to make decisions based on numbers and not just your feelings
  • How to define your most important customer actions that make you money, and not just vanity metrics

Lower Resistance

  • Our suggested tools and web builders for each individual person in the room
  • Squeezing more out of your customers with nurture sequences
  • Web page layouts that build trust and get people to buy or opt in
  • Writing product and landing page copy that conveys value
  • Simple principles to make the desired action the obvious action for the customer
  • How to get other customers to sell the product for you
  • Simple principles to get higher quality leads - Not just tyre kickers

Who is this For?


Relying on word of mouth

Agency retainer fees and minimum ad spend requirements

Not know if their advertising efforts are working

Feeling overwhelmed in what they need to do to grow their business online

Business owners - Service or Ecommerce

Doing less than $20k a month, or limited to a small service area (eg. gyms or chiropractors)

Not ready or not suitable for expensive done-for-you agency retainers and minimum ad spend requirements


Growing their business independently

Making ads that their customers click

Knowing what is and isn't working in the advertising efforts

Having a website that converts more visitors into customers

Stuff People Have Said


Here's some things people have asked us

So how long is it?

Is this for service based businesses? Or ecommerce?

I haven't started my business yet / i started really recently...
is this still for me?

What do i need to bring to the workshop?

I've never published an online ad in my life...
Do we need experience?

You're not running a workshop in my city...

Wanna Come? Book A Free Traffic Discovery Session

The boardroom has a capacity of 10 people - So we want to make sure it's 10 people we can actually help significantly for the 2 days, or else it's gonna get really awkward.