How a Multi-Generational Company Can Still See Growth

This is how we took cost per lead down by 69% without overhauling a risk-averse multi-generational family business.

89s The Garage Door Specialists are a family-run business who are stalwarts of the West Australian industry and have a long history of both traditional and digital media investment. However, they were stuck in mediocre-land. Results were “fine”, public perception was “fine” and growth was plateaued. The bigger issue was that they didn’t feel like they were moving forward and they had reporting full of jargon that was too hard to decipher.

What they didn’t need was a disruption to their existing client base and brand recognition. They instead needed their value proposition tailored to each subsection of their target market, to ensure the correct message was being delivered to the correct people

The Solution: We adopted a straightforward approach, focusing on three key pillars that turned the situation around:

1. Customised Landing Pages: Recognizing that different types of leads required different approaches, we created landing pages tailored to each type. For service leads, the landing page offered clear information about the process and how to take action, and showcased social proof in the form of reviews. The design was simple so as to deliver supporting information efficiently. The simple design also allowed for the specific type of service information relevant to the user to be given at any one time.  For sales leads, we used interactive forms, high-quality visuals, and animations to highlight the garage doors' appeal and quality, ensuring leads had the right budget in mind. As an established service-first family business, it was important to ensure that the customised experience didn’t just start on the phone. 

2. Refined Phone Call Tracking: We improved call tracking by implementing Dynamic Forwarding Numbers. These numbers only counted conversions for calls that were of a meaningful length or deemed important by operators. This allowed us to optimise for quality calls, which was crucial when targeting audiences with older demographics. There’s no point in optimising the campaigns based on people who accidentally press the phone number when scrolling around. Instead, only high quality call leads go back into the optimisation systems. This results in a much higher cost per lead in the short term. But the client was aware of the strategy and expected this to come back down over time (which it did.)

3. Custom Nurturing System: When leads are generated, it’s common to immediately automatically contact the lead to help nurture the contact and build trust. However due to the 89’s client base’s expectation of personal service, a one-size-fits-all message wouldn’t be acceptable. Instead of generic automated messages, we created a system that provided personalised and efficient support. Using a simple process that only involves the operator making 2 clicks, text templates are dynamically added as needed. This ensured operators could engage with customers not just in a timely manner, but in a personalised and relevant one. The nurturing system also referenced where the user was in the sales pipeline, ensuring that communication effectiveness and response time could be measured at all stages. 

The Results: The outcomes speak for themselves:

  • Cost per lead decreased from $46.64 to $14.45.
  • Consistent year-on-year growth for the past two years.
  • Cost per acquisition was identified and could be properly optimised
  • The client didn’t just see the good results, they felt supported and educated.

“The advice and assistance we have received from Nik and Brodie has been both an education and of absolute benefit to our business. Their product has seen our customer base grow significantly. “

Our experience with the Where U? team has been nothing but positive. The advice and assistance we have received from Nik and Brodie has been both an education and of absolute benefit to our business. Their product has seen our customer base grow significantly. Special thanks to Josef for his creative camera work! We highly recommend Where U? as a business tool. Thank you!!!

Emma Begley

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Case Study by
Nik Thompson
October 9, 2023