Dominating Meta Ads in a Competitive Vertical

Armour Renovations is a WA home renovations and construction company. They’ve been working with Where U? for over a year, with a successful Google Ads campaign that was generating leads for renovations and granny flat builds. However, they decided they wanted to grow the granny flat construction side of the business. They hired two new sales representatives, and needed enough demand to keep them busy. Our Google Ads were already aggressively targeting every keyword related to granny flat builds. 

The Solution: We captured new leads by adding a Meta ads campaign targeting exclusively the granny flat building side of the business. This required a stronger understanding of the target audience, why they wanted the service, and what they wanted to know about it. The 3 key factors for Meta ads success were:

  1. Using ad creative as a form of audience targeting (and knowing what the audience wanted to see). We tested a number of different copy and visual creatives before finding the right combination that resonated with the target audience. Ultimately, the ad creative that was most successful combined eye-catching movement with the technical detail included in a floor plan alongside copy referencing external consideration factors. This creative’s interactions were then used as the basis of audience targeting. Audience targeting was overall kept fairly broad, with basic interest targeting, allowing the ad creative to function as a form of targeting by appealing to its intended audience.
  2. Accounting for external factors in the ad creative. In trialling the ad copy, we needed a strong understanding of external factors that account for interest in the product. We researched extensively and then subsequently tried a range of different hooks in the ad copy to speak to different potential reasons that someone might want the product.  Some key findings were that the well established multigenerational living proposition has lost its impact, being replaced by secondary income streams. Further, cost-focused ads performed better than experience-focused ads. This reflects the current economic and housing climate in WA, with rental income at an all time high and the cost of living crisis making an extra income stream especially appealing. 
  3. Tailored landing page. We had a landing page specifically built for paid traffic interested in new granny flat builds. It had a simple but professional design, with a lead form above the fold indicating the next step for users to take. The first headline on the landing page appealed to the emotional reasons for building a granny flat, while the subheadline appealed to the user’s logical reasoning, combining reason and emotion to encourage the user to take action.  Below the lead form were customer reviews to promote trust. Towards the bottom of the landing page, we added a quiz for users to find out if they should move house or renovate their current house. Quizzes are an engaging and interactive way of getting users invested in a product, and once they’ve completed the first question they have a level of commitment to finishing each step - including the final step of adding their contact information.

The Results:

  • Cost per lead over the period that Meta ads have been running is at $18.40.
  • Armour Renovations has been able to expand the side of the business that they are interested in growing.

"Where U: A Marketing Marvel! I had the pleasure of collaborating with Where U for our recent marketing campaign, and I'm thrilled with the results! Their team's expertise and dedication were evident throughout the entire process. Where U took the time to understand our brand, audience, and objectives, which resulted in a highly effective and targeted marketing strategy. Their creativity and attention to detail were impressive, and they delivered compelling content that truly captured our brand's essence. What stood out the most was their responsiveness and professionalism. Thanks to Where U, our campaign surpassed our expectations, generating increased brand awareness and driving more leads to our business."

Shane Mitchell

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Case Study by
Sophie Hunt
October 17, 2023