Why We Made Unappealing Ads for PopUp WiFi

PopUp WiFi stands as a leading managed internet solution catering to the dynamic needs of businesses and events requiring short-term, reliable internet connectivity. The strategic recalibration of our approach has yielded a commendable reduction in cost per conversion from $183.36 to $97.29, concurrent with an expansion in ad spend and the preservation of close rates.

Picking the Right Playground

A pivotal observation from our analysis of the preceding agency's approach revealed a misalignment between search volume and genuine search intent. Sure, everyone's yelling "WiFi" on Google, but only a handful are really after a B2B solution. While the demand for WiFi-related queries is substantial, the niche segment seeking a specific B2B solution is comparatively modest. Consequently, to circumvent unnecessary competition with industry giants and manage expenditure effectively, our agency strategically pivoted towards Meta feeds for WiFi oriented discovery. Instead on Google, we focussed on keywords that oriented around the problem that event producers were trying to research an answer for.

Going Long with Copy

Contrary to prevailing trends favouring brevity in advertising content, our agency intentionally adopted a protracted narrative approach. This move was aimed at distinguishing our ads as narratives rather than mere promotional material. These comprehensive narratives, replete with information tailored to our target audience, have proven effective in not only engaging our audience but also filtering out disinterested parties. The content was simply too long and to unappealing to users that aren't in the target audience. The outcome of this departure from conventional Meta ads was a discerning audience, attuned authentically to the merits of PopUp WiFi's offerings.

Navigating Social Engagement

Despite encountering dissenting opinions within the social media landscape, notably on Facebook, we recognized these interactions as an opportunity rather than a challenge. Negative comments, often perceived as detrimental, were strategically repurposed to fortify brand loyalty through a calculated demonstration of resilience. Our media team adeptly responded to critiques with a balance of firmness and diplomacy, resulting in an augmented positive sentiment and an influx of high-quality leads.

Strategic Google Ads Refinement

In navigating the competitive landscape of Google Ads, particularly given the constraints posed by highly competitive primary keywords, a reductionist approach was imperative. Leveraging negative modifiers and meticulous bid control, we crafted a bidding strategy that prioritized specific audience segments. This ensured that while PopUp WiFi maintained a competitive edge within its target segments, it avoided unnecessary expenditure in broader consumer spaces.

In summation, the success of PopUp WiFi's advertising campaigns emanates from a meticulous and strategic approach. Our discerning platform selection, intentional narrative approach, adept management of social interactions, and nuanced refinement of Google Ads have collectively contributed to the positive outcomes observed.

We've been working with WhereU for around 18 months on our paid ads and social media marketing. I couldn't be happier with the experience, business improvements and increased sales outcomes that have come from engaging their services. The whole team at WhereU are an absolute delight to work with. Their professionalism, responsiveness and energy is a constant inspiration to me and my team. I am proud to thoroughly recommend them to any businesses who value collaboration, excellence and freshness in their partnerships.

Nina McMahon - CEO

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Case Study by
Nik Thompson
October 25, 2023